Finally - a new release by NoMad Dreams! 

One of us only had a phone to record with. Another had two kids and no childcare (cause it was April-May 2020, and everyone was safely isolating and slowly going mad in their homes!). I only have 1 kid, and he still naps, so I got no excuses: if you end up hating the lyrics and music, I'm the culprit. 

Chris Brenne did a great job of mixing and mastering the little tune, not to mention the guitar parts! Three cheers for keeping the music (and my sanity!) going with my buddies Georges El Bacha, Tom Curatolo, Wing La, and Chris Brenne.

Here's the new song for your listening pleasure: it's called "Staying Away" because that is what we all had to do in the spring 2020 - stay away from our loved ones, from family and friends, from everything that made our lives worth living. But we endured - with a little help from our friends and the arts that helped us channel our anxiety and fear!