"who knows which week of the quarantine"

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty ready for this quarantine to be over. Even the introverts among us suffer, lol. Some of my creative friends have taken this as a challenge and seem to be producing material non-stop. Some, on the contrary, have sunk into a depressive gloom (no judgment here, all of us at times have gone down that hole), and feel like they can't create with such a depressive background of news and deaths. I'm kind of steering the middle ground - I try to create, but with an active toddler and a partner who works full time, there's very little space (not to mention time). I don't know what your experience is, but for me, little fifteen minute blocks of time don't cut it. I really need at least a solid hour or two to focus my thoughts. Once I do, things can go very quickly, but I need time and - space - to get into that mode. Same with rehearsing: you can run scales or warm up for a few minutes, but if you're not getting a solid chunk of time, you won't get very far... So I've been cornered - there's plenty of things I'm working on, but no time to do anything. What about you? Where have your creative energies gone? Have you had time and space to work on your projects?