Innermost - Сокровенное



Innermost - Сокровенное

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In "Innermost," Vlada digs deeply into her Russian heritage, bringing us some profound singer-songwriter tunes along with poems by Russia’s exceptional Silver Age poets set to music by several composers. Alexander Alabin, a multi-talented pianist and guitarist from NY, wrote the arrangements and recorded many of the album’s tracks. The instrumental arrangements present a limpid, intimate, and scintillating canvas, from which, through Vlada’s protean voice and performance, emerges a cast of lively and touching characters. Vlada’s spectacular interpretation and the genre- and period-appropriate arrangements connect us to different layers and moments of Russian culture. The album arises from the traditional singer-songwriter genre and culture, but, buoyed by the acting and musical mastery of the performance, the songs here rise to a rare height, where each word and sound is deliberate and ineluctable.

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