Vlada transforms before our very eyes, into sultry and cunning Orlandina; then, a fickle Frenchwoman, whose love lasts only one dance; then, ethereal Amalia before whom a young soldier is kneeling… Vlada’s voice turns your head and entices, tempts and teases, grieves and confides in you. ” - Slava Gerovich

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Born and raised in Russia, Vlada has made her permanent home in New York. She moves effortlessly between jazz, pop, and her own originals in English - and world hits in French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. 

Going from light and airy to powerful and dramatic, with a hint of huskiness, her voice is a superb instrument.

Turning every song into a mini-play, she also shows great tastefulness in repertoire choices, reimagining well-known songs and finding less familiar gems to sparkle in.

A voice of verve and sass ” - NoiseBoston


Innermost - Сокровенное



Innermost - Сокровенное

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In "Innermost," Vlada digs deeply into her Russian heritage, bringing us some profound singer-songwriter tunes along with poems by Russia’s exceptional Silver Age poets set to music by several composers. Alexander Alabin, a multi-talented pianist and guitarist from NY, wrote the arrangements and recorded many of the album’s tracks. The instrumental arrangements present a limpid, intimate, and scintillating canvas, from which, through Vlada’s protean voice and performance, emerges a cast of lively and touching characters. Vlada’s spectacular interpretation and the genre- and period-appropriate arrangements connect us to different layers and moments of Russian culture. The album arises from the traditional singer-songwriter genre and culture, but, buoyed by the acting and musical mastery of the performance, the songs here rise to a rare height, where each word and sound is deliberate and ineluctable.

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NoMad Dreams

NoMad Dreams

An album of originals with NoMad Dreams. Zachary Bos, "the Wonder Reflex" blog: "Each of these eleven songs is just so charming, and what's more important, listenable. The lyrics have a cabaret or chanson quality to them, and as richly warbled by vocalist Vlada Brofman put me in mind of Melanie, Edith Piaf, or Carla Bruni. The song "House of Rainbows" is particularly pleasing. This is mellow, good-hearted music, with a funky folk feel and a world music instrumental breadth."

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